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(no subject) [Mar. 30th, 2009|07:21 pm]
Huzzah I made cookies!

I don't know what possessed me, but the need to make cookies after work came upon me and we are now the proud owners of an awful lot of M+M cookies.  I may take some to work if there are any left!

Nom Nom!
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(no subject) [Feb. 28th, 2009|08:50 pm]
I’ve been packing to move and realised just how much stuff I own and how much of it I don’t use.  Cds, Books and DVDs seem to breed in my flat.  I’ve packed boxes and there’s more?!

I think I need to listen to more of the cds I own, read the books that sparked my imagination enough to buy them and gain some kind of attention span long enough to watch the DVDs that will broaden my mind.

The new house is wonderful.  Hopefully it will be inspiring.
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(no subject) [Jan. 3rd, 2009|11:07 pm]
Another journal for you lovely people to add to your F-list.  theflatofguilt  is the journal we've just set up to relate to our flat* and the 365 photography project which we'll fail at because we can't think of anything to take a photo of for today.  But we'll try and that's the main thing.  Please add and comment and such. 

*The flat of guilt is actually a state of mind rather than an actual flat.
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(no subject) [Aug. 14th, 2008|09:54 pm]

I do not wish to sound like a miserable sod but the idiots next door are playing loud dance/computer game music AGAIN.  It's actually audible through the TV turned up loud. ACK!
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(no subject) [Jul. 31st, 2008|12:44 am]
It's almost 1am and I am not asleep because the idiots that live next door are playing some awful shitty dance/gangsta rap music so loudly that I can hear it in my room and it's impossible to sleep.
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(no subject) [Jul. 21st, 2008|07:35 am]
[Current Location |the flat]
[Feeling |annoyedannoyed]

Well.  I got up early to let in the boiler-man who's supposed to be fixing, or at least having a look at our boiler.  This is the third time I've arranged this, and the third time I've gotten up early.  Still no response.  Bloody hell people, it's not that difficult to keep to an appointment is it?

*is not happy*
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(no subject) [Jul. 20th, 2008|07:11 pm]
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[Current Location |the flat]
[Feeling |contentcontent]

New Flat

Got the keys the week before we actually moved in.  Which was handy because, dear lord, I have a lot of stuff.  Moved in my bed, bookcase, kitchen table and various other bits of crap.  Properly moved in from the 14th June and have been getting things sorted.  We got a bookcase and vacuum the first weekend we were in and promptly put it together, like some kind of married couple.  It’s pretty much sorted now, apart from the lack of hot water coming from the taps.  But it’s a lovely flat and living in Kings Heath is ace.  It’s ace because it’s close to mum and John, but also because the high st pretty much has everything you’d need. 

I’m clearly a proper grown up now, I’ve been meal planning and cooking meals from scratch – chilli, salmon and roast veggies and stuff.  Plus the bus drops me off by the Digbeth markets in the morning so I get to go have my pick of the fruits and veggies from the stalls as they set up.  It feels very posh!

New York

Literally moved in for a week and a half and then mum and I went to NYC.  I’ve always said I hated London because it was busy and full of people and unnecessary things.  But actually I just hate London.  New York is a fabulous city, full of people and things to see and yet it’s so easy to escape the madness and not feel like you’re going crazy.   It’s chaotic and bustling, but it works.  There’s some kind of psychic choreography occurring when you cross the streets; no one bumps into each other.  London feels angry and rushed, New York just feels exciting and alive.

Of course we saw all the sights; Rockafeller Centre, Battery Park, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Empire State Building, Macy’s, 5th Ave, the 5th Ave Apple store, Central Park, Times Square, Broadway, Brooklyn bridge.  We zoomed past and caught a glimpse of Wall St and ground zero, but neither of us really wanted to see either.  Though we did get talking to a Wall St banker in a bar one evening.

I forgot to mention Pride!  We were on the sightseeing coach back from Ellis Island/Statue and our tour-guide told us that Pride was on the next week, with the parade being on Sunday.  Of course mum and I promptly forgot, but on Sunday we wandered down to 5th Ave to wander.  And it was all closed off to allow for the parade.  Which was pretty spectacular!  Lots of very sparkly costumes, Dykes on Bikes (i kid you not.  And bicycles no-less), gay groups from all over America (it seemed) and lots of very loud music.  It down poured twice during the parade which was kinda fun, because it broke the heat a little.  Luckily I had my brolly.  I took some pictures, I'll try and upload them later!

We ate some fantastic meals – pancakes for breakfast, eggs and bacon, proper Mexican, cupcakes and pretzels.  All the food was fantastically tasty, and yes each portion was enough for two.  But it wasn’t just quantity, it was quality too.

New York was fantastic.  Hell, I’d go back in a second.  There was so much I didn’t get to see!

And the rest…

Nothing much really to report since coming back home.  Oh, Beccy and I went to Coventry to see Jason Mraz at the Warwick Arts Centre and shared a taxi back to the train station with an assassin.  Well he told the taxi driver he was on his way to kill someone.  Transpired that his cousin was working in some not-very-nice place and he and his uncles were going to get them out.  Jason was as eccentric and wonderful as last time we saw him and the new album I wasn't really sure on, till I heard it live and it was awesome.

But other than that not much.  In August it looks like I’m going to be somewhat busier – up to Lancaster to see Liz get married, down to Manchester to hang out with Jude and see Dark Knight again (have advanced tickets for Weds, woop), Edinburgh for a weekend to the fringe festival and finally a weekend listening to folk at the Moseley folk festival.  Should be fun!
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(no subject) [Jul. 3rd, 2008|07:45 pm]

Laura is impressed with the Romanian Orthodox Church...which is pretty shocking really.

More on the flat and NYC later!
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(no subject) [May. 28th, 2008|10:46 pm]
It doesn't matter how many times I catch five/ten minutes of Desperate Housewives, all I think is Mal* wouldn't stand for this shit. 

*Nathan Fillon aka Mal Reynolds from Firefly/Serenity is playing some character in Desperate Housewives.  Not a housewife, but the husband of one.  From the little I've seen (and it's little because the above thought always creeps in) of it I think he plays a Dentist.  It's just not a space cowboy though, is it?
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(no subject) [May. 12th, 2008|10:08 pm]
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Give It A Name Festival
Sheffield Hallam Arena
10-11 May 2008

Give It A Name weekend is done and dusted and after a nap this afternoon I think I’m all caught up on sleep.  Well at least attempting to sleep and eating lots of veggies so I’m set for All Tomorrow’s Parties this weekend with Beccy.

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